8 Unique Rooms For A Chandelier

Everyone knows where to expect a chandelier in a home — above the dining room table, in the living room, above the kitchen island. We’re all about routine, but if you’re looking for unique and crafty places to put chandeliers in your home, our team at Charleston Lighting and Interiors can help! We offer chandeliers in all shapes, sizes and designs, which is probably why we’re Charleston, South Carolina’s Top Rated Local® Lighting Showroom. Let our team of lighting specialists help you find the percent chandelier fixture — call us today!

In this blog, we’ve listed at least eight unique rooms or places in your home that would look great with the addition of a chandelier! Consider giving these areas a try if you want to easily jazz up the space in your home.

1. The Bathroom

Though this might seem unconventional, the bathroom is a room you visit and use daily. By adding a chandelier to the space, you’ll feel like royalty every time you step into your bathroom due to the natural beauty of a chandelier fixture! We offer chandeliers in a variety of finishes, sizes, shapes and designs, so we know you'll definitely find a fixture that aligns with the style of your bathroom.

Chandeliers look particularly great above your bathroom sinks or above your bathtub — OK, especially the bathtub. Imagine getting home from a long day at work and fixing yourself a bubble bath. When you look up, you’ll get to fully take in the large, elegant chandelier fixture of your choice. We’re relaxed just thinking about it for you, honestly.

2. In Your Backyard

Sure, this one might not be a great idea if you live in an area with extremely inclement weather or if you have rowdy children. But if you choose a modern, beachy chandelier fixture to place above your patio area or backyard’s seating area, it’ll give the space a sense of sophistication that wasn’t there before. At Charleston Lighting, we even have our own specific collection of outdoor chandeliers so you can find your perfect match!

3. Above The Side Tables In Your Bedroom

This lighting solution is one of our favorites! Instead of hanging a single large chandelier over your bed, we recommend placing two smaller chandeliers above your bedroom’s side tables. This will save you table space, as a table lamp won’t be necessary, and it also is a simple way to accentuate a normally plain aspect of your room.

Chandelier lighting also isn’t usually as harsh as the lighting from table lamps; therefore, you’ll be able to find the perfect dimmed lighting when you want to read a book or before you doze off.

4. Your Office

The best way to spruce up a boring office room is to add a glamorous chandelier lighting fixture. This is the room where you’ll get work done, and we’ve always been told that when you look good, you feel good. We think this also applies to the rooms in your home. If your office space looks good, we know you’ll definitely feel good as well!

5. The Nursery/Your Child’s Room

Give your child’s room an upgrade from normal, fluorescent lights — get them a cute and stylish chandelier lighting fixture! Our chandelier collection contains fixtures of all shapes, materials, sizes and colors, so you’re bound to find something that’ll add character to your child’s room or nursery. We also offer chandelier charms that include flower designs, turtles, fish and colored beads, allowing you to customize your child’s chandelier as much as you’d like!

6. In The Laundry Room

Turn a mundane room of chores into one that you won’t ever want to leave by simply placing a chandelier in your laundry room! You can opt for a bold statement piece that adds a unique design to the room or a delicate fixture that will keep you calm when you accidentally throw in a red sock with your whites load.

7. The Walk-In Closet

Rarely do walk-in closets have flair and personality since you’re usually the only one utilizing them. They usually consist of fluorescent light fixtures to light up clothes you don’t remember buying accompanied by pants that no longer fit. We say this: Treat yourself!

Adding a chandelier to your walk-in closet is a simple way to breathe life into the room while adding a type of functional lighting to illuminate the space.

8. Above Your Staircase

This one might not seem super out of the ordinary, but we still believe it’s a unique space to add a chandelier light fixture. It’s especially a nice touch if you have a spiral staircase or one with a midway landing. You’ll add functional lighting to the area while also highlighting the natural details of the staircase, from its railings to its natural colors.

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