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Outdoor lighting is an essential aspect of curb appeal and safety for any home or business. It illuminates pathways, creates ambiance, and highlights landscaping features. Landscape lighting has become an increasingly popular trend for homeowners and commercial property managers looking to enhance the beauty and safety of their properties. Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers a wonderful variety of landscape lighting for your needs. Shop our local Charleston lighting store today!


Types of Landscape Lighting

There's no doubt landscape lighting adds much beauty to your outdoor spaces. Below are some of the most common types of landscape lighting:


Posts And Bollards:

Posts and bollards are sturdy, vertical posts that provide direct light to a designated area. Typical uses for posts and bollards in yards are to brighten a walk way, provide lighting in a garden, and more! They come in a variety of shapes and heights, so you can get the perfect posts or bollards to tie your landscaping together.

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Accent Lights:

The main purpose of accent lights is to focus light on a particular object or area. When used in your outdoor space, it can highlight your prized flowers or trees, fountain, or sculpture you have out for display. You should be able to show off your statement piece in your yard, even when the sun goes down for the night, and you can do so with accent lights!



Deck & Patio:

When you’re spending time on your deck or patio in the evening, you want to relax and unwind. Instead of having bright lights shining down on you, you can install deck and patio lights. These landscape lights provide a soft glow that provides you visibility to see where you’re walking without the harsh, bright beam of light that general exterior lighting provides. We have a large selection of styles and designs, ensuring you’ll find the perfect lights to match your outdoor theme.



Path & Spread:

Path and spread lighting fixtures provide both utility and design to your outdoor space. Typically used to provide additional lighting when the sun goes down, these lights can illuminate a pathway, the perimeter of a pool, your driveway, and more. They add unique design and style while allowing you to find your way around the yard when the natural light fades.



Step Lights:

Similar to deck and patio lights, step lights are great for guiding people safely around your outdoor area when the sun sets for the night. If you have a deck that lowers down to a different level of your yard, step lights are perfect to allow you and your guests to walk safely while keeping with the style and design of your outdoor area.



Well Lights:

If you have tall trees, plants, or other statement pieces in your yard that you would like to highlight in the evenings, well lights are what you’re looking for. They’re mounted in the ground and shine vertically, projecting ample lighting on the object you want on display. The days of only admiring your trees and plants during the day are a thing of the past thanks to landscape lighting!


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We have a large variety of additional lighting fixtures in our showroom and online catalog. Stop by our lighting showroom today, or schedule an appointment online to see all of the options we offer!



Trends in Landscape Lighting

  • Integrated Lighting: The integration of different lighting elements into one landscape design has become a popular trend. With integrated lighting, homeowners can create a cohesive look across their yard.
  • Simplistic Lighting Design: Another emerging trend is the use of simplistic lighting design, which focuses more on creating a subtle and soothing illumination rather than over-the-top lighting solutions.
  • Colorful Lights: While warm white lights are still popular, the trend is moving towards more colorful and whimsical lighting solutions. Colorful LED lights provide variety and add a playful effect to any outdoor setting.

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Purpose of Landscape Lighting

  • Places a focus on different elements in the outdoor environment, such as trees, bushes, yard decorations, patios, gardens, and steps. By strategically placing lighting on these elements, a professional lighting designer can effectively bring out the unique features of any property.

  • Adds beauty to a property and provides a significant safety feature.

  • Creates a beautiful ambiance and sets the mood for any outdoor environment.

  • Important feature of real estate, and installing landscape lighting can significantly increase your property's value and curb appeal.

Customizable to accommodate any budget, design style, and size of property. Speak to our lighting designers today!



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