How To Take Your Outdoor Patio From Winter To Summer

We all love spending our summers outdoors in the Carolinas, but you might have forgotten about your outdoor patio during the cold winter months. It’s time to dust off your outdoor space and transform it into summer mode! With some touch-ups, maintenance and new outdoor lights, it shouldn’t be too hard to turn your outdoor patio into the Southern getaway of your dreams.

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In this blog post, we’ll go over a few basic steps that should help you take your outdoor patio from winter to summer mode.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

The first thing you need to do before you can start adding personality to your outdoor patio is to clean the space! Take the time to wipe the dust off any existing outdoor furniture, sweep any leaves or clear any debris.

This is also the time you can accomplish any necessary touch-ups. For example, this is the time to repaint the exterior of your home or fix any noticeable scratches on your patio’s flooring.

Before you can get to the fun stuff, you have to do the dirty work first — much like the “dinner before dessert” phrase your mom used to tell you when you were growing up.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Furniture

If you have existing furniture, this is the time to determine if you need to replace it. If you are starting from scratch, this is the fun part! You can choose furniture that will add your personal flair to the space.

We suggest purchasing furniture made for the outdoors, as they tend to be made from weather-resistant materials and boast longer outdoor lifespans. Some examples of outdoor furniture you might consider include the following:

  • Outdoor dining tables
  • Outdoor sofa, chairs, hammocks or other seating types
  • Patio bar sets and umbrellas
  • And more!

Install Outdoor Lights

Choose outdoor lights that are functional and set the atmosphere of your outdoor patio. From trendy gas lanterns to unique hanging lights, there are a ton of ways to incorporate outdoor lights to your outdoor patio.

Here are a few of the exterior lighting options we offer at Charleston Lighting and Interiors:

  • Wall mounts
  • Flush mounts
  • Sconces
  • Hanging lights
  • Outdoor chandeliers
  • Outdoor fans
  • Ceiling mounts
  • Gas lanterns

To see all of our outdoor lights, visit our Charleston showroom our check out our online catalog for all our brands, colors, styles, designs and more.

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