Perfect Pendants for the Holidays

For many, the best time of year is approaching: the holidays! With the holidays comes a time for relaxation with family and a time to reflect on the past year, celebrate accomplishments, and set goals for the new year. Here at Charleston Lighting and Interiors, a local lighting store in Charleston, South Carolina, we offer the best outdoor and indoor lighting for the holidays. Below, we'll take a look at wonderful pendants you can add to your dining room, entryway, kitchen or other space this holiday season. Shop with us today!

Choose Your Style

There are dozens of styles of pendants you can choose from to add cheer to your Charleston home this holiday season, and we've got you covered! From traditional and transitional to nautical, rusic, and Victorian, no matter your preference, we can help. Schedule a free lighting consultation today!

The Perfect Finish

Finishes can really add to the look and feel of your space. Choose a pendant this holiday season that will help your guests relax and feel right at home. From black matte finishes to a colored finish or light to match the season, Charleston Lighting and Interiors can help point you in the right direction. Stop by today.

Bright or Mute?

Depending on your use of your space and the time of day, you can use lighting fixtures to vary the lumen, or light, output. Our lighting fixtures come with a varying degree of light output so you can choose from task to ambient lighting or somewhere in between. This is easy to do with lighting controls. Let us know how we can help!

Chain, Cable, or Stem

You can hang pendants in different manners, which can completely change the look and feel of your space. From varying the height to the type of cord used, your existing pendant can take on a whole new life this holiday season. Ask a lighting designer for helpful advice today!


Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers the largest lighting showroom with the most selection in the Carolinas, including the Low Country and beyond. From island lighting and chandeliers to fans and our pendants, we've got the best interior and exterior lighting for this holiday season. Our experienced lighting designers can help make your season bright with lighting that will set the mood and make your winter morning full of brightness. We also offer a wide selection of commercial lighting for home builders, contractors, and interior designers. If you are looking for the perfect pendant this holiday season, home decor item, furniture selection, or something else completely, schedule a consultation today!