Pros and Cons of Matte Finishes

Odds are, you’ve heard that matte finished fixtures and lighting is one of the most popular trends for homes and offices. But do you know the pros and cons of a matte finish? Charleston Lighting and Interiors is the Carolinas’ Top Rated Local® lighting showroom, boasting the largest showroom in the Carolinas. Below, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of matte finishes. Stop by today!

Pro: A Great Match With Your Decor

One of the best features of matte finishes is that they match almost every style of home or office decor. With their naturally muted tones, they often complement or draw attention to other items in your space. Consider a great matte chandelier from our lighting store today.

Pro: Easy to Clean and Maintain

Matte finishes are easy to keep clean and easy to maintain, which is good news for busy homeowners and business owners. Matte finishes don't show fingerprints as readily, nor do they show ugly water spots. This is due to the surface of the material. Plus, matte finishes resist scratches, too.

Con: Can Fade Over Time

Matte finishes often fade over time, and when it does, you'll have to refinish or replace your matte finish. One way to help your matte finish stay looking new is to wipe it down often, keeping the dirt, grime, and moisture away.

Matte Finishes Are Easily Damaged

The matte finish itself is more delicate than its glossy counterparts. Thus, you need to be careful when working around your matte finished fixtures, such as a table lamp, or you could accidentally scratch it. Harsh chemicals in cleaners can damage matte finishes, too.


If you are looking for the best in matte finishes, Charleston Lighting and Interiors has got your needs covered. Located in Charleston, our lighting store offers indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as ceiling fans and home decor. Stop by our lighting showroom, or shop online today!