Simple Entryway Home Lighting Renovations

When it comes to your home's entryway, you want to not only have functional lighting, but you want to be sure to make a first great impression with guests and to set the tone. Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers excellent home entryway lighting to fit your every need. Learn some simple entryway lighting renovations below, and shop with us today!

Upgrade to a Chandelier

Chandeliers naturally give off a sophisticated and elegant look, whether they are elaborate or simplistic. One great entryway home renovation you can do for your Charleston home is to upgrade your entryway lighting to a chandelier to give off a classic, refined feel right from the get-go.

Go Ultra Subdued with a Flush Mount

If you want other items to be the focal point when guests enter your home, a flush mount is a great entryway lighting that can get the job done in terms of lighting, but fade into the background and let your other decor take center stage.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces have been around for hundreds of years — and for good reason. They are simple to hang and immediately can give your home a rustic, old world feel. They glow beautifully, setting the mood to your liking, too.

Table Lamps

Entryway lighting doesn't have to be immediate when entering. You can add immediate visual interest by adding a small table or seating area with a table lamp. Table lamps come in all sizes, styles, and finishes, so the sky's the limit with this picture-perfect setup.


The lighting designers at Charleston Lighting and Interiors can help you choose the perfect entryway lighting for your home's needs. Consultations are free! Call to schedule, stop by our lighting showroom, or shop online today!