Small Spaces: Lighting Solutions For Your Small Apartment

When you live in a small space, there are a lot of obstacles you have to overcome to keep your apartment looking trendy and not cluttered. You don’t have a lot of space to work with, which sometimes means sacrificing certain pieces of furniture or types of lighting fixtures. But don’t worry, we’re strong believers that bigger isn’t always better.

At Charleston Lighting and Interiors, we have a large collection of lighting fixtures for small spaces in our Charleston, South Carolina, showroom. Our team of lighting experts can help you figure out what lighting fixtures will look best in whatever space you might have. Contact us today for more information, or shop our online catalog to find a lighting fixture that will best suit your home’s style!

In this blog, we offer a few tips to optimize the space you have while also giving it a personal flair.

Opt For Track Lighting

Track lighting is a blessing if you’re living in a small space or if you have a smaller room in your home. It’s a type of lighting most commonly seen in modern-style homes, and the light fixture places multiple individual light bulbs on one single track or railing.

Each track lighting fixture usually varies in the amount of light bulbs it can hold, but the cool thing about it is you are able to move each individual light to face whatever direction you’d like! This is especially helpful because you can point the lighting to different areas of your small space instead of having one large spot of the area illuminated. Track lighting is also a phenomenal option because, since it is directly placed on your apartment’s ceiling, it’ll open up the space making it feel a little bit bigger than it actually is.

At Charleston Lighting, our track lighting fixtures come in a variety of lengths, designs and finishes. We also sell the individual parts of track lighting fixtures so you’re able to customize yours as much as you’d like!

Avoid Lampshade Use, If Possible

Yes, we know — lampshades are a great, simple way of adding your personality to a room. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. They are beautiful additions to a room; however, if you live a small space, we do recommend staying away from lampshades, if at all possible.

Not only do lamp shades take up space, they also tend to darken the room. Depending on what your goal is for your small space, if it’s to let in as much light as possible, lampshades are not your friend. Basically, if you’re looking to optimize your space and save room for more furniture or art pieces, don’t opt for lampshade usage. If we can’t sway you away from decorative lamp accents, that’s totally fine — check out our collection today!

Be Strategic With Your Wall Lighting

As you may already know, having a strategy is the key to finding the best way to make the best use of your small space. Opting for smaller wall sconces or lighting fixtures can add flair to the room without taking too much valuable wall space. Also, if you place your wall lighting fixtures around the perimeter of the room, you’ll light up every necessary corner of the small space without using any floor space at all!

Wall lighting is a great way to open up your small space, but we don’t recommend going overboard. Too much wall lighting won’t leave you any space to hang up photos or pieces of art, and might actually end up making the area feel smaller and more cluttered. Again, strategy is key here!

Stay Away From Large, Oversized Fixtures

If you like large, oversized fixtures and whatever we say isn’t going to change that, then by all means, please purchase a large, intricate chandelier or pendant. But if your goal is to make your small space appear larger with lighting solutions, we suggest you nix the large, overwhelming light fixtures from your home’s wish-list.

Oversized chandeliers and large wall lights are great statement pieces for larger homes. But really consider the size of your small apartment, and if you’d rather have that huge statement piece rather than something else. At that point, it comes down to what you’re willing to sacrifice and what you aren’t.

When it comes to finding lighting solutions for your small apartment or the small spaces in your home, it boils down to these three questions:

  1. What functional purpose of lighting do I want for this space?
  2. What do I want this room to ultimately look like?
  3. Why is it important that I have lighting in this space?

If you’re unsure where to start or what would look best, our lighting experts have years of experience under their belts helping people just like you! Contact us today and let us help you find your ideal lighting solution for your small space!

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