Ways to Brighten Your Bathroom Lighting

Charleston Lighting and Interiors is a lighting store located in Charleston, South Carolina, and serving all of Charleston and the Low Country. We offer the best in exterior and interior lighting, including bathroom lighting. Below, we’ll take a look at unique ways to brighten your bathroom lighting. Stop by our lighting showroom today!

Bathroom Lighting for Small Mirrors

For optimal viewing, your bathroom mirror should be lit on both sides. This helps eliminate dark shadows and makes the lighting even on your face when you peer into the mirror. Our lighting specialists recommend choosing sconces or pendants to meet this lighting need.

Different Temperatures of Light Bulbs

Light bulbs offer different color temperatures, each of which is designed for a specific need. There is soft white, bright white/cool, and daylight. Soft white lights offer a warmer, more diffused look; whereas, daylight will make your space brighter. Choose the color temperature of your light bulbs that best match your preferred ambiance for bathroom lighting.

Theatrical Bathroom Lighting

If you think about movie actors and actresses and the mirrors they use, you should envision a mirror with lights surrounding the entire perimeter of the mirror. This will offer your Charleston bathroom a unique and glamorous look.

Tub and Shower Enclosures

It's best to have a dedicated light to both your tub and your shower areas. Recessed lighting over each is a great selection, as it offers very strong task lighting and is waterproof. Plus, you can lift your arms for all your personal grooming needs without worry.


Charleston Lighting and Interiors is proud to be your go-to lighting store for your home or office lighting needs. From your bathroom and your kitchen to your lobby area, we've got your needs covered. Stop by our lighting showroom, or shop online today!