5 Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Tips For Wintertime

Even though we’re lucky enough to live in a state that doesn’t see as many below freezing temperatures or as much snowfall that other states do (looking at you, Wisconsin), we still need to ensure our outdoor lighting is well maintained before the colder months officially hit us. In this blog post, we’ll go over five outdoor lighting maintenance tips you should practice once wintertime hits.

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Continue reading below for our five tips for maintaining your outdoor lighting during the winter to keep your lights looking fresh, bright and brand new all season long.

1. Clean Glass Lenses.

Throughout the year, the glass on your exterior light fixtures collects debris, dirt and dust, which ultimately dims the illumination coming from your outdoor lights. Use a cloth and CLR cleaner to clean these lenses, and you’ll immediately notice how much brighter your lights will get.

2. Check For Any Exposed Wiring.

Before any potential freezes occur, it’s important to ensure your outdoor lighting system doesn’t have any exposed wires above the ground. If you do notice any exposed wiring, we recommend calling a professional for assistance instead of tackling the issue yourself.

3. Adjust Outdoor Lights (As Necessary).

It’s important to make sure your outdoor light fixtures are properly aligned to ensure they provide the necessary amount of light to your landscaping. Winter weather can cause these fixtures to become crooked (especially wind). Take a few minutes to get these light fixtures back into place.

4. Check Light Bulbs.

Anytime there are extremes in the weather, the lifespan of your outdoor light bulbs can decrease dramatically. Check the perimeter of your home for any dim or completely shot lights, and take the time to replace them before it gets too cold outside.

5. Check For Any Moisture-Related Problems.

Wet weather is known for causing problems related to homeowners’ outdoor lighting system outlets. If your outdoor outlets aren’t working as they used to, you might have to press the “reset” button on the outlet and ensure the cover is closed. If that doesn’t do the trick, call for the help of a lighting professional.

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