Cool Lighting and Home Decor Accessories

Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers the best home lighting and outside light solutions for your needs. From ceiling fans to desk lights, we offer an amazing plethora of lighting options. But did you know we also offer some unique lighting decor items for those occasional needs? As Carolinas’ Top Rated Local® Lighting Showroom, we promise to exceed your expectations in lighting. Below, we’ll review some of our eclectic lighting options. Visit our lighting showroom today!


  • Night lights. From owls to angels and Christmas, Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers some of the coolest night light accessories. Light up your hallways, bathrooms, and stairwells so you don’t miss a step in the middle of the night.

    Door chimes. It’s nice to have a lighted doorbell for your guests who arrive after sunset to alert you to their presence. Without a light, your guests might not know you even have a door chime, leaving them to knock awkwardly at your door and hope you hear their knock.

  • Fountains. The sound of running water can be soothing and peaceful after a long day at work. By adding a lighted fountain, you’re instantly creating a relaxing mood, as well as a home decor item that can serve as a talking point.
  • Bathroom vents. Why not save space with a lighted bathroom vent? Charleston Lighting and Interiors offers this all-in-one solution that not only saves space, but also adds elegance to a room not usually known for its elegance.
  • Lamp shades. The options are limitless with lamp shades. We offer lamp shades in a variety of materials, such as cloth shades and glass lamp shades, as well as a variety of styles from elaborate to minimist. Say something about your style with a custom lamp shade from Charleston Lighting and Interiors.
  • Chandelier lifts. Do you have a low-hanging chandelier that sometimes gets knocked around when your kids are playing tag in the house? With our chandelier lifts, you can safely lift your chandelier out of the way, utilizing your space more effectively and protecting your beloved chandelier from the hazards of life.

Charleston Lighting and Interiors is your go-to in the Carolinas for all your lighting solutions. From bathroom lighting and kitchen lighting, to landscape lighting and home decor, we offer so many styles and varieties to customize your lighting solution and make a statement about who you are. Create elegance with chandeliers or light and fun with lighting pendants. Install a lighted walkway, garden lights, and deck lighting to create the outdoor space perfect for those long, hot South Carolina nights. We offer lights perfect for your outdoor pool, where you can cool off and drink an ice cold sweet tea at the end of the day. Plus, we offer ceiling fans to promote air flow and perpetuate a breeze.

With so many lighting options to choose from, we understand it can be difficult to narrow down your lighting choices. If you visit our lighting showroom here in Charleston, you’ll be able to see the actual size of your light choices and visualize them in your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our lighting and home decor experts have years of experience offering advice on light fixtures and lighting solutions. Whether you’re in the market for the perfect lamp for your daughter or you’re seeking task lighting for your desk, we’re here to help. Visit Charleston Lighting and Interiors today to find your perfect lighting solution!